Shine or falter. Leap on stage or let it swallow you. I have to admit it was tough to be back on stage after a 20+ year hiatus. After my horrible rehearsal, I reached out for some advice from a pro and set to work on honing my performance. As my story begins, “I have a […]

Update: New dates and location for the show Saturday 10/3 at 7:30pm and Sunday 10/4 at 7:30pm Spirit Studios in Silverlake, even more hip.   Get your tickets! Tales make the abstract, tangible. Many use stories to pass on traditions, courtesies, expected behaviors. My stories tend towards a balance of humor and cautionary, as often I […]

Shifting shadows bely the changes in the Arts District…  So begins my latest piece that was just in Downtown News, showcasing what it is like to live in the ever evolving Arts District. In AD terms, we are relative rookies, and the change has been dizzying. Since its original publication, additional development projects have been released […]

Free will is, to put it mildly, a b*tch. As a parent, you feel its sad repercussions in your soul. Sure you know your kid is born with it, but it makes you think about having that 2nd kid–that you swore you’d never have–after all. And this time, you vow you’ll do better.   While […]

When the opportunity arose to celebrate being a Downtown LA mom , I couldn’t believe it. Afterall, we were an anomaly right? Well when the Downtown News ran a feature on local Mom’s, sharing not only our story of raising a child here but other families as well, the support was overwhelming. We struggle with our […]

The myths abound. The light that tops its pyramid is said to attract Santa and his reindeer. And even though I’ve done projects with ‘City Hall,’ my time with the Mayor’s office was limited to the repetitive cubed building across the street, due to the grande dame’s refurbishment post some typical California calamity. But here […]

We ride the rails. Any chance we get. If it has tracks and an engine attached, we are there. The obsession with smaller toy trains and tracks, has given way to the real deal, and my son couldn’t be more pleased that we are a stones throw from Union Station. His smile is commensurate not […]